Friday, February 4, 2011

update..... Just a little Bragging

since i am writing this for Z to read one day i should put and update in here about her health

I took her to to doctor yesterday to get all of her shot caught up for the green card and it was horrible. she had to have 5 shots so i bribed her with barbies.

She has gained 10lb in a year and has doubled in height.

The doctor says she is so smart and is so far advance mentally for her age (closer to Five year old) WOW is make me feel so proud of her. She has come so far in a year physically and mentally it is great.

She did things for the doctor i did not know she could do. Like make a circle and lines. The doctor also think she is ambidextrous which is fine with us. We already thought she would be left handed just like her MAMA but both hands is better. (we will see)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

more funny things Z says

R singing Rudolph the red nose reindeer or should i say rapping Z says to me straight faced " Can you make him stop!" LOL

Z standing and looking at her belly with her shirt up and sucking in her belly

Z what are you doing? I am getting the babies out.

Papa your breath is no beuno

Papa why are you pissed at MAMA (we have told her not to use that word)

Z say mad or really mad not pissed K next time Papa gets pist at MAMA I will.

Z had to get 5 shot and I bribed her with barbies she got a Ken doll as well. She said He is so handsome Like papa. He has crispy hair like PAPA. (hair gel)