Tuesday, July 2, 2013

More funny thing that Z says lost drafts

J (her 27yo cousin) Why do you have back toes? as she is following him up the stairs and poke at his heal.

J " I can not wait for Christmas to be over" Z why? J It is a long story Z Well tell me or not tell me but if you are not going to tell me i am going to go down stairs .

Lost drafts

More Z isms
Z was following my nephew up the stairs and she asks Josh why do you have back toes and pokes him heal.  LOL

Every time she describes something she says words like stupendous or lovely it just makes me laugh 

Mama What Z i want to be a preima  ballerina 

More on another adoption ???????

So we have officially started the adoption process again.  I never thought that i would be saying those words out loud again but here i am.  Since having Z home we have realized that having one perfect child (HAHAH) is great 2 would be better.  We want Z not to be an only child.  We want to her have what we have a sibling to be there when we are not.  So we have started the home study again but this time it will not be as much paper work.  we are actually almost done with the paper work. 

We are going to adopt a boy hopefully between the ages of 2 to 5 we do not want to disrupt the birth order.  Z has a friend that has only brothers so i think she has been taking notes on how to be a good big sister.

Z's rules so far
I will be the boss of my brother  so i said no there is only one boss in this house,  and Z said you Mama.
I will pick out all of his clothes  so i said then he will be wearing only ball gowns? 

We told Z that her playroom will become his room.  She said he can just sleep on my trundle bed .

I am sure there will be many more to come.

We hope this will be a quicker process.  We just hope that we will be able to find the little dude that will complete our family