Saturday, March 24, 2012


Today we got a letter in the mail that said WELCOME TO AMERICA. Z is a permant resident now this is good and the process was the easiest part of everything . We send it in and a few weeks later finger prints that was on Tuesay and todat Saturday a letter. So Now we will get her a visa and we will be done. She will be a citizen

Monday, March 19, 2012

Thank you uncle Wade and aunt Jen

Thank you uncle Wade and aunt Jen for the pics When we were in Oregon we went to a market in portland. We bought a print from the artist he is a great painter and we like to buy painting when we go to different places.

Update about nothing

life is moving right along. We went to Oregon to visit with Rs brother and family. Z had the best time playing with her cousins. I for some reason did not take one picture. We had a great time but it was to short. It also made me feel so guilty that Z is an only child. She had some much fun having someone to play with and now, back home she is really bored. She is just as smart and fun as every. R is doing great at his job. All of his bosses love him so i think good thing are going to happen. I am coming to terms with Z growing up to fast. She will be in kindergarten this fall. I can not believe that the time has gone so fast.
We really do not have any summer plans R is turning 40 this year so we are going to vegas. that is be fun. I might go to Cali to visit some really good friends. That is about it.
Oh and we have an appointment to finish up Z citizenship so i hope that goes well.