Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Guessing Game

So my friend Lori sent me an email of a blog. These people are ahead of us in the Bermuda triangle of paper work by a few months and they had put a list of what needs to be done before we enter into MOI(Ministry of Interio)

1.COURT (Judgment)
2.DGI (to get registered)
3.0CIVIL REGISTRAR (Adoption Degree)
4.First legalization in Parquet (of all documents)
5.Second legalization at the Ministry of Justice
6.Third legalization (at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
7.National Records (Attestation on Adoption degree)

We are at least a month or more from entering (I think) MOI. It ts taking 3 to 5 month in MOI from what Chareyl has told us. So I will be going on the next parent trip . I can not wait that long to see my Z. At least our Paper work is moving at an incredibly slow rate and that is normal so good i like normal

Saturday, February 14, 2009

To the LOVes Of My LiFe

To the Love's of my Life.........

To RYAN ...... my husband.... my world.... I LoVe yOu with all I have and all that i am ........

To ZaMBrIe....... you are the reason i wake up....the reason my heart beats..... you make US a FaMiLy I LOVE YoU and miss you

My Friend

Today is a very special day in my life 15 years ago today i met my best friend Lee. She had barely started dating my brother and she bought me a VALENTINES DAY present. At the time i collected all things cow i love cows ..... She gave me a cow figurine i LOVED it. I ended up getting her a poster of a dolphin.... anyways today has a very special place in my heart


Happy V Day

Today is valentines and i want to say HAPPY VALENTINES DAY to everyone who reads my blog.

To all the families going through this adoption journey i hope this will be the last Valentines day with out our children. And thank you for all you do and support you have given us through this process.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

What to do on a snowy day???????

Take picture with your puppy


So i started a face book page a while ago and found high school all over again. One of my friend that i have known since birth (we grew up in the same neighborhood posted this on her page I was in the ninth grade and i remember thinking how good i looked that day it was the last day of Jr. high There is something about overall that just make an outfit and a really nice over sized shirt and you can not see the shoes but i know i had red high top converse on with white socks oh the days

Sunday, February 8, 2009

just some photo funin

Here are some photos of our family

Friday, February 6, 2009

Z update

This is another picture of Z from the trip in January Thank you Chareyl. She still not smiling maybe when we get her home she will get use to the camera and smile for photos. We sent her that dress i am glad they put that one on her. We also received a official update she weighs 24.5 ponds and is 2 feet 5 inches tall I think she gained 1.25 pounds since Oct. and has not really got any taller She looks good no scabbies (or very little) now we just need to get her home. We have not hear about the paper work.. Last we heard is that it is getting ready to go into MOI do not know if it is in yet.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

WARNING!!!!!!!! ...................................... REALLY BORED

Well nothing has been happening on my little world. We are expecting to get some news on Z this week the parents are back and safe. And hopefully there will be more pictures.

Writing this blog has made it so apparent that i really do not do much. I mean i do things the usually kinds of thing go to eat with friends, watch movies, sleep ,eat,
clean my house and work those are all normal things i do. I guess just once i would like to have a really exciting story to tell. Like i fight crime in my spare time. I am secretly a super hero. Then i would
have some great adventure stories. I would have a really cool name and costume. some thing word SUPER in the title. Oh that would be the life, fighting crime.

I warned you i was bored.

I am leaning towards this look . it is more flattering on my butt :)