Wednesday, February 8, 2012

YEAH she got in

Z has been excepted into a charter school. The school is called High Marks it is brand new and it focuses on bussiness. I am really excitted to have her go there. They have to wear uniforms. That make me sad because I love to dress her up everyday, but i think that it will be good for her. I can not believe she will be in kindergarten already. It make me sad. I want a baby now. LOL

Sunday, February 5, 2012

YOUR MOM is a ??????????

So if anyone knows me they know that i love a YOUR MOM JOKES. I love to tell them . I can your Momma Joke anywhere anytime. So last night when Z was reading us a book at bed time. She pulled off her very first YOUR MOM JOKE. I could not be more proud. She was being really giggley and i said come on Z lets do this and she looked at me straight faced and said "YOU MOM IS A FRENCH FRY" We laughed so hard. GOOD JOB Z