Wednesday, June 16, 2010


If you are in the market for a great photographer i have one now She is a little young but she is really cute and will work for Cheetos LOL

Z love to take pic with our camera here is s sampling of her work

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Today we went to the park. Like we do everyday(most of the time) Z loves to go with her cousins that is what she tells me Ashley is my cousin and Evan is my cousin. She is starting to learn what people are to her like aunts uncles etc.... She said to me once Uncle Mack is my cousin LOL She is funny like that.

So we were playing in the water at the park and she could not see me but i could see her. Finally she turns around and say " MAMA your in trouble" I said " oh really why?" She said cuz i can't find you" apparently i was lost

Z makes me laugh.

Friday, June 11, 2010

R'S 38th Birthday

So R had his 38Th birthday on Tuesday the 8Th and i made him his favorite chocolate cake. It is a family recipe ( his grandma's) and I thought it might not turn out, but it was a GREAT cake and as you can see from the pics R loved it LOL Z did not like it, but that is what we expected she does not like sweets.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

2 years Today

One of the first PIc of Z
Z now WOW she growing up so fast

Today is 2 years since i stated to write this blog

I stared this blog to keep in touch with other adoptive families and also to have something to show Z in the future. It also has been great for friends and family to see more of a day to day with us. I think it has been a great tool for this.

For the past two years this blog has been about getting Z home waiting for Z. Now it will be more about how our live have been changed by this 2 year old (going on 30)

Z is a very out going child she love to talk to everyone i mean everyone when we go some where she is always asking What your name? How are you? It is pretty funny but hard since we are tiring to teach her not to talk to strangers. She has defiantly come along way from being an orphan in Haiti

Friday, June 4, 2010

Grandma Milly

We had a great week Z got to meet her Grandma Milly. We had so much fun. We spent the day at the park with R's family and Z had a great time in the water. I was standing watching her and i noticed a group of kid that were like 10 years old, they were all whispering and looking at Z so i tried to hear what they were saying one of the boy in the group said "her dad must be Shaquille O Neil" haha I just laughed. We also went to the Zoo which Z love to see the animals she already new the names of. She kept asking when we were going to see the Zebra so we finally asked

where they were and unfortunately they both had died so i told her sorry Z we will not be able to see zebras today and that i would show her on the computer and she was fine with that. But right as i said that we walked up on to the carousel and she said ZEBRA she was so happy that she got to see the zebra even if it was only on the carousel. We also took Grandma to the tree house museum that was fun. Grandma Milly left yesterday and Z is missing her already.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

fun in the sun(well not so much sun) but fun

We spent Memorial day at the park with R's family it was so fun the park has a little water park that Z just had the best time playing in.