Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Z last day of school

1rst day of pre school

Last day of pre school

Well today was Z's last day of pre-school look what a year has done. She is a completely different kid. I remember being so sad and crying when she left to go, and i am think to myself how am i going to get through a whole summer with her home LOL She had her graduation next week so that should be fun. I did not know they had graduation from pre school but it should be fun.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

nothing much to say.

So life has been just moving along. R has found a job Yeah. He Will have to drive but only for a awhile they will try and move him closer to where we live. It is almost time for Z to graduate pre school and then the whole summer home. I have been looking for a job but nothing yet. I might be to picky LOL Grandma Milly and Aunt Jerilyn will be here in 2 weeks and Z is so excited to see them. I feel bad she does not get to see R's family very often because she love them so much. We still need to finish up the Z citizenship but are waiting to get our taxes back which we have not hear any new on that either so hopefully one day it will all work it self out. So life is going nothing to report Z is a pretty funny kid. She tries my patience on a daily basis. As i an sure i do her.

Looking forward to the summer we spend a lot of time outside in going to the pool Z just loves it. She also love to go the the movie "eater" to watch movies so we will probably do a lot of that this summer we love the drive in and it is really close to home.