Saturday, June 28, 2008


It just dawned on me that i have not posted and told you about how funny my daughter is. When we went and visited her in January and spent 5 days with her she made us laugh so much she just had this amazing personality and the way she would shriek that is how she communicated with us she did babble like most baby at her age and would make these noises that just were so funny. And she really had no problem adjusting to being with 2 white people i know that sounds rude but we were probably the first 2 white people she has ever seen. When we took back to the hotel she just acted as if she were right at home. She is defiantly our daughter she is a princes just like her mom. She loves music like her dad and she really liked watching TV just like both of us. We really miss her and we Were so sad that we could not make the trips this month but there were some really amazing people not just people they are our friends who went and took some pictures and gave her a huge for us and gave us a update on her which we do not get every many of and i thank them from the bottom of my heart for doing that. We have met amazing people on our adoption journey and I could not be more thankful

Friday, June 27, 2008

Belle Anne the boogie man getter

I have a cat well i have 3 cat but i have had the same cat for 15 years and i have been thinking about what will happen if she is not around to keep me in check. I know i sound like one of those kooky cat ladies but i have had this cat ever since i lived in my first apartment when i was like 18 or 19 years old. We always argue..... Yes I am talking about Belle my cat. Her name is Belle Ann. and ever since then I have named all my animals First name starts with B second name starts with A, for example Bilbo Arnold, Bleo Attra (long story)Britta Ashley and Bacca Albert this is the name of all my current pet and believe me i have had a lot over the years. Belle has been through all my pet the good ,bad and the ugly,She is a very patient cat,in fact i do not think she think she is a cat she defiantly thinks she is human and i guess i have always aloud her to do so. My husband calls me the cat whisper because we do communicate on some level and i think she does understand me well at least she brings me comfort especially when i had bad dreams she always will sleep with me and she protects me from all the monster under my bed. So i wanted everyone to know that i have a cat that i love and i wanted her to know that i have told the world.... OK to all 5 of you who read this so that now she is famous

Sunday, June 22, 2008

About my last post

My last post seemed a little self righteous or like it was trying to talk my self up but that is not the point of it. I just read a lot if stuff on the Internet and today i guess i snapped. All these different kinds of people in the world just trying to live their lives the way they want and other people trying to tell them that it is wrong. I know I know I know this has been a battle since the being of time why am i complaining well.......... I really do not know but all i am going to do is keep living my life the way i feel in my heart is right and keep treating people how i would want to be treated. And thank you for letting me rant a little


The thing about opinion is that every one has one and and every ones opinions are right. Now I am no different I have an opinion and I think that my opinion is right . But what I think I get most upset with is the narrow mindlessness of people. I am a every open minded person and I welcome all sorts of opinions. I do not judge people for who they are, what they believe or how they live their lives. As long as they are good people and do not hurt others then so be it. I have a allot of friends from all walks of life,religion and so on and the one thing that they all say about me is they can not believe that i am so open to what they believe and how they live their life's now i am not tiring to toot my own horn do not get me wrong For example I have a friend who is Mormon well many friends but this friend was getting sealed in the temple and for her wedding gift i bought her ,her temple gown, Now i do not share the same faith as her of most of my friends but i truly want all the people in my life to be happy and i knew that, that would make her happy. I might not be coming across as i am tiring to but all i am tiring to say is that I want happiness for all. I want people to be happy every one has different beliefs and i think that we all deserve to be happy And this is my opinion (take it as you will)

Friday, June 20, 2008

New York City

We went to New York 2 years ago it was a present from my mother in law. We had so much fun it was one of the best trips i have ever been on and the best trip being going to Haiti to meet Z but New York was wonderful we went to all of the touristy places. It really is like you imagine so grand in size yet so small we rode the subway we ate pizza oh the pizza how i miss it so i wish i could have some right now. we walk in central park (after dark) really scary we were lost. We rode those double Decker buses so fun learned so much about the city.We saw a Broadway play Wicked We saw where John Lennon was shot and lived. We evern seen where project runway is filmed it ws truly a great trip. I can not wait to go back. But first i want to visit other places.

Still Bored

I am so bored I can not stand it any more. This whole back thing is making me crazy. I do not even have another doctors app. until June 30 and that is only a consolation to see what the best treatment is for my back. I highly recommend NOT ever hurting your back it sucks big time.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

To the best father i know

There are all kinds of fathers.....And there are all kinds of fathers like roles... My brother have always been a father like role for my nephews. (let just say their fathers never were fathers are played the role) My father has always been there in my life helping me guiding teaching me how to drive a stander transmission. Now that is a story...but for another time. I think i had one of the best father growing up. I am a daddy's girl so i feel close to him. Today i want to talk about one of the best fathers i know. He has only spent 5 days with his child but he has already prove, in my eyes to be the best father i have ever met. In 5 day i did not change one diaper. Now i know that does not make him super dad but i watched him change for my husband into the most amazing man i have ever met. When we started this adoption process Ryan was so scared that he would not be able to love a child that he did not father himself. He was also worried that she would not like him . It took him about 3 seconds to love her and it took her 3 second for her to love him. Over 5 days i think that Ryan's priorities started to change. I am so glad i am the women who gets to go through this journey
with him. I have known Ryan for 14 years and i have watched him play many role in his life but this is the role that he was meant to play.. So Ryan i just wanted to say Happy Fathers day and I love you more than ever

Friday, June 13, 2008

Zambrie Update

Here is the update on Zambrie I attacked a file so if you do not know what scabies are you can read on it. Scabies are something that is very common in Haiti. The pictures would not load so as soon as i get them i will post some.
June 12, 2008

Zambrie was her normal self. She loved her caregiver and did not want to be put down or passed on to other’s including Lori or I. When showing her the gifts given to her from Ronnie and Ryan she was enthralled with their pillow with their photo on it. She loved the books and the teething toys to chew on. She is currently teething and trying to cut her side teeth.
Zambrie appears to have scabies on her face, hands, feet, well her whole body. She has been treated but it will take a few weeks for it to clear. She also has a very noticeable pustule (zit) between her eyebrows. It should clear on its own. She is still very healthy and has many rolls of fat on her thighs, tummy, and chubby cheeks.
The day of photos the nannies took a while to find a dress that they were all very happy with. I know it looks like she is in ballroom Drapes but they were thrilled with it. The next day I felt that I could dress her in one of her adorable outfits that you brought.
The caregivers were very happy to tell her that her mama in America will come in Sept and that the pillow has her mama and papa on it. When she received it she leaned forward and stared at it.
File is currently in Legalization average time frame 2 months in this stage.
DNA is required
Weight: 20.4 pounds
Height: 29 inches this is being taken while she is being held.

what to do when bored

Today I got some news on my back. For those of you who do not know I hurt my back at work in April and have not been able to work, Not because I do not want to but because they will not let me work on light duty. It has been a nightmare working with Workman's comp. Anyways i had a M.R.I last Friday and today i received the results. I have a bulged sack and a pinched nerve and something to do with a disk and a cluster of something that is bi nine, They call you and tell you all this information and use crazy medical lingo that you don't understand. The treatment is to get epidural steroid injections (that sound fun) and maybe more physical therapy
which i have all ready done four week of. So we will see how this goes. I have gone crazy. I am limited on what i can do physically and so i can not enjoy any actives out side and i is the reason why i created this blog in the first place out of sheer boredom. So i hope you enjoy reading my boredom

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Just got word

I just got word from one of the mother that is in Haiti. She got a couple of pictures of Z and she will send them when she can. Maybe this week some time. She said that she has scabies on her face the O (orphanage) is getting some cream this week so i hope it clears it up. She also said that she has thinned out and is getting taller. I am a little depressed not being able to take care of your own child makes my heart ache. This is the hardest thing i have ever had to do just sit and wait not knowing when i will be able to hold her care for her and it is not like the O has all the medical thing that they need. It is a third world country after all. I am being a little selfish i should be thankful that she is being taken such good care of considering that it is one of the poorest countries in the world and the O that she is in actually takes great care of all the children. It is just really hard. I will post pic as soon as i get one


It was Ryan's birth day on Sunday. His staff from work he got a PS2 and Guitar Hero3 it is the most addicting game ever. We play it ever night. We really do think we are guitar hero's. If you have ever played you know when you feel it, you hit every note and you are head banging it is kind of embarrassing. You start to make faces like you never new you could make. It is pretty amazing. Ryan is a natural of course, it beats every song on the first try, oh well we are all not that talented on musical interments. I guess the fact that he has been playing the drums for 25 years probably helps ROCK ON

My first offical post

  • Well here it is my first post. I really do not know what to say. Most of you know that i am adopting and have been for what seems like a life time. It has been a very long and hard process. If have met some wonderful people during this process. Right now they are in Haiti visiting there children and i am so sad that i could not be there with them to see them meet there children and to get to see our little girl Zambrie D true. Yes that is her name and i miss her terribly. she live in Haiti in an orphanage. She is 9 months old . We went there once in January to meet her she is beautiful and has the funniest personality. She is simply just perfect. We love her so much.