Friday, August 28, 2009


I am having a really hard time this week with the adoption. You wait every day to hear some good news and nothing. I understand that it is a hard process and hard to live in Haiti and to get anything done. I guess i just come from the mentality that if its your business to do adoption then you should get then done. In America if it your business to say process under ware at victories secret then you get up in the morning, put on your all black uniform, get in your car, drive on paved roads to the freeway, take the exit, go in to the mall, and begin your business day. In Haiti not the same you don't have the luxuries like a car or paved road. I understand all that is Haiti and how hard the living conditions are but sometime just sometimes i get every selfish. I want this to be done and i want it now. In the words of Veruca Salt "Daddy i want a golden goose now"

Saturday, August 22, 2009


We went to this water slide that has been around for as long as i remember. As a child i use to go there. It was my great nephews 8th birthday party and we had such a great time R could mot stop sliding. I love water.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

8th and Final??????

Zambrie Aug 2009 Update

I just started looking back on all the updates i have received in the last (almost) 2 years and i have received 8 official updates and that includes the 3 trips i have been there. We have no word on our paper work other than they need a copy of our passport and date stamps so at least show some movement. i remember when we would get updates in the beginning and it just made me on a high for like a week. To see a picture of our daughter it was so amazing. Do not get me wrong i love to get update, but it like i am use to the drug i have been taking for so long and i need something stronger. I NEED HER HOME.