Tuesday, September 4, 2012


First day of kindergarten at home 

In the parking lot

Hanging her back pack up 

Z had her first day of school today.  I was so nervous  and so sad

that she would be leaving me for 3 hours a day.  I think i had a harder
Sitting at her desk
time then she did.  She love it and I survived LOL
I can not believe that she is already in school.  it seem like just yesterday we were picking her up in Miami.  Life just moves right along weather you want it to or not.
in front of the door to her class room

Sunday, August 19, 2012

summer wrap up

As summer is coming to an end here is a few photos of our summer.  We had a great summer.  R turned 40 the family came and spent a week Z will be starting kindergarten in a week how time flies

Monday, July 9, 2012

                                                          First day of school
                                                             Last day of pre school

So Z has been done with pre school over a month now. She really enjoys school and is looking forward to Kindergarten.  

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter 2012

Easter was a reat day. My family came over for dinner. And Z had a great day. Her dress was her flower girl dress. She looked so cute. She tool my breath away. We had a great time. Great day.

Saturday, March 24, 2012


Today we got a letter in the mail that said WELCOME TO AMERICA. Z is a permant resident now this is good and the process was the easiest part of everything . We send it in and a few weeks later finger prints that was on Tuesay and todat Saturday a letter. So Now we will get her a visa and we will be done. She will be a citizen

Monday, March 19, 2012

Thank you uncle Wade and aunt Jen

Thank you uncle Wade and aunt Jen for the pics When we were in Oregon we went to a market in portland. We bought a print from the artist he is a great painter and we like to buy painting when we go to different places.

Update about nothing

life is moving right along. We went to Oregon to visit with Rs brother and family. Z had the best time playing with her cousins. I for some reason did not take one picture. We had a great time but it was to short. It also made me feel so guilty that Z is an only child. She had some much fun having someone to play with and now, back home she is really bored. She is just as smart and fun as every. R is doing great at his job. All of his bosses love him so i think good thing are going to happen. I am coming to terms with Z growing up to fast. She will be in kindergarten this fall. I can not believe that the time has gone so fast.
We really do not have any summer plans R is turning 40 this year so we are going to vegas. that is be fun. I might go to Cali to visit some really good friends. That is about it.
Oh and we have an appointment to finish up Z citizenship so i hope that goes well.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

YEAH she got in

Z has been excepted into a charter school. The school is called High Marks it is brand new and it focuses on bussiness. I am really excitted to have her go there. They have to wear uniforms. That make me sad because I love to dress her up everyday, but i think that it will be good for her. I can not believe she will be in kindergarten already. It make me sad. I want a baby now. LOL

Sunday, February 5, 2012

YOUR MOM is a ??????????

So if anyone knows me they know that i love a YOUR MOM JOKES. I love to tell them . I can your Momma Joke anywhere anytime. So last night when Z was reading us a book at bed time. She pulled off her very first YOUR MOM JOKE. I could not be more proud. She was being really giggley and i said come on Z lets do this and she looked at me straight faced and said "YOU MOM IS A FRENCH FRY" We laughed so hard. GOOD JOB Z

Monday, January 30, 2012


years go today is the day we go Z for Maima
So we had a celebration on the the weekend . We took all her cousins to nickle cade and it was so sun. Then today we had a little party at her pre school class. I talked about Haiti ans the earth quack, and adoption. The i open the decussion up for questions. First 5 year old boy says I am going to Chicago to see my girlfriend but i will be back. next kid My brother has a belly ache. Next little girlMy grand ma lives here. So with all those questions out of the way i gave them a treat bag and was on my way.

Tonight we went to see beauty and the beast in 3D Z loved it. Then we came home and we gave her a gift. A v tech reader. And R got me flowers. What a grat gaccha day

Sunday, January 22, 2012

almost There

So we have started the process to make Z a citizen. Do to the circumstance on the way she came home from HAiti this step was not done. (LOng story) any who , we are getting ready to send in the paper work to get this done. For those of you who read my blog and are not familar with the process we have to take Z to a civil surgeon. This is a doctor who has been trained to fill out a form for the USCIS (imagration) . I took her there last week only to find out that she had to get 4 shots.UGGG so I had the TB test done and made a doctors appointment to see her regular doc. She was not happy at all and my mothers gulit was in full force at the doc. appointment and i told Z she could get any toy see wanted (with in reason) once we were done.

So we went back to the civil surgeon on Tue. and was able to see the doc. he looked her over checked her shot records and filled out the form. So now we have to fill out more forms and send in the medical forms.

Filling out these form have made me laugh some of the questions we have to answer, keep in mind these questions are asked about Z's intentions in the USA.

Have you EVER with in the past 10 years been a prostitue or procured anyone for prostitution, or intend to engage in such activities in the future?
Do you plan to practice polygamy in the United States?
Killng a person?
Associated with the Nazi party?
This is just a sample of the questions. made me laugh.
So we will send in all the forms and hopfully everything will go great and we will be done.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Year in review

What a years we have had. January we rang in the new year at R's brother house in ohio. Z also got to meet every one for the first time aunts, uncles and cousin great way to start the new year. We also celabrated Z one year of being home, Also my Moms birthday we had a family dinner it was great.

Febuary we have a wonerful family Valentines day and R made us the most delightful dinner.

March was not a great month R lost his job and it was really hard on him. But he is strong and my hero. he is an amazing man and father husband. He found a job 3 months . FYI the gentelman who fired R got fired himself Karma

April Easter and warmer weather.

May we had Gma milly and Aunt JeriLyn to vist for a week. It was so much fun. We got to visit a lot of R's family. We all got together. It is always good to see the family.
r had found a new job and thing were looking up.

June R had a birthday. I volenteered for the show Extreme Home Make over with my BFF and her mom. It was a really fun expierence. we had a great summer. spent a lot of time out side and a local water park. We Lost our cat Belle Ann after 17 years. I had her since i was 20. She died on fatherd day.

July OUr countries birthday. We had my family over for fire workes. This year Utah made all fire work legal so we got some really fun ones.

August Z got her pic in the paper. We were at a show that R's bamd was doing and they took this pic and put it in the paper. It was a church carnaval. And Z went Back to Pre school. She loves school. She got a new teacher and none of her friends from the previous year came back so it took her a little ajustment.

September Z had her 4th bithday party. Or 4teen as i call her. She as an additude that never stops. LOL We aslo got to visit with R;s brother. They moved from Ohio to Oregan and stoped in Utah and was able to stay for Z's birthday. it was so wonerful. We love to see them and wish we lived closer to them.

October Halloween and our anniversary. My favorite time of years. Z wanted to be cinderella and i was her fairy god pig and R was and angery bird. We had so much fun trick or treating. We took her to the neighbor hood i grew up in. So fun. Also Z was a flower gilr in R's cousin Erin wedding . It was so fun to be a part of that. We got a new cat Hattie Mae. She is the craziest cat ever.

November My Grandma turned 90 me and my cousin planned the party and it turn out real nice. I had shoulder surgery 3 days before the party. Gma Milly came in to town to help us with Z. R, milly and Jeissca(r's niece) made 150 cupcakes and put them in the shape of a shoe. I supervised. LOL it was so nice having Milly here this time for my surgery much easier recovery. We can not thank her enough. I had a birthday

December busy busy month. Gma Milly got up new flooring for Christmas, so we spent a long weekend putting the first part of the floor in our upstairs we still have our basemsnt to do.
So in the next couple of weeks that will be done. It looks amazing. We has a great christmas and Z got the only thing she asked for from Satna. A barbie town house. Oh and i lost 10lb so i am starting the new year one the right foot.

We have had a geat years and looking for ward to a great new year. Hopfully a new baby will be this years weather we have one or adopt again. How ever it happen that is what will be. Put it out in the universe and it will come back to you. Z will be in kindergarten so We will start to look for a good school to put her in. R turns 40 this year so we are hoping to go to vegas for that. I will be looking for a job i want to work part time. i do not make resultions but I hope we have a heathy and love filled year.